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Practice Acquisition Financing

Solutions That Work

Practice Acquisition Financing Solutions that work. Spend less time worrying about money and focus on patient care.

Preserve Cash

Practice Acquisition Financing that allows you to maintain cash reserves for running your business.

Grow Faster

Practice Acquisition Financing that allows your practice to expand when the opportunity arises.

Improve the Bottom Line

With your team able to focus on transitioning and growing your business. You can improve the health of your practice.

Why Consider Outside Financing?

Preserve Your Cash

Securing financing from an outside financing company allows you to acquire a practice without using all your cash reserves. Preserving your cash-flow is critical in the subsequent months. Avoid the cash-flow crunch that so many experience.

Enhance Your Offer

By leveraging the future cash flows of the business, you can potentially increase the offer you have. You can only offer what you have. If you were selling your business, how much would you want up front?

Maintain Control

No need to sell a portion of your business or have restrictive debt covenants placed upon your business. We are a short-term equity partner; repay the financing and our transaction is complete. Leaving you to maintain the control you desire.

Transition Quicker

When you use your own funds, or the cash-flows from the business, you may potentially take longer to meet the obligations to the seller. Our financing allows you to meet those obligations faster, making the business yours quicker.

Customized Solutions

We have expertise in evaluating and funding businesses. Our team of experts can design a practice acquisition financing solution that benefits both the seller and the purchaser. We will make you deal fit our financing box.

Grow Faster

Waiting for your cash reserves to grow to a sufficient level to be able to make that strategic acquisition or bring that new professional on board, takes too long. You have to act fast and our financing is not a long, drawn out process.

Why you need to choose us.

We have extensive experience in financing medical practices. We will design a solution that works for all.
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